Vegetarian Egg-Fried Rice

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Hi friends! So I’ve been semi-busy with life but found peace yesterday making homemade egg fried rice. It’s super easy (if a busy college kid can make it, you certainly can!)


Here’s what I did:

-boiled basmati rice (1 cup) in water

-in a heated saucepan, added 1 tablespoon of butter and one cup of frozen veggie mix (my favorite includes: green beans, lima beans, corn, peas, and carrots)

-after veggie mix softens (about 4 minutes later), pushed the veggie mix to the side of the frying pan and lowered the heat on the stovetop

-mixed four eggs with almond milk (still trying not to eat too much dairy!) and scrambled the eggs on the empty side of the frying pan

-about now, the rice is finished and I drained the water and added the cooked rice to the saucepan with the scrambled eggs and veggie mix

-mixed in soy sauce and continued to stir the now rice/veggie/egg mixture

Talk about a meal prep Monday! The finished rice made my instagram and can be found: HEREΒ 


Gluten-free No Mo

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Hi friends!!

So from my last update I was trying a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. It didn’t work so well. I am proudly a four-time Whole30 veteran and yet my body didn’t like the lack of gluten and dairy. Read the rest of this entry »

Fall Break Festivities

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This weekend I was blessed with having the opportunity to come home for two days while my classes and field hockey have a “Fall Break”. I happily reunited witb two of my sisters, my parents and my pets Friday night after driving home straight after my game on Friday night. Since then I’ve caught up on all of my recorded Modern Family episodes (struggles of not having cable or a tv at school), went to the Annual Fall Festival at Kinder Farm Park, sold pumpkins at my church, hung out with my family and made homemade pizza and roasted marshmallows in our firepit and watched my sister’s rec field hockey game. It’s just a short trip home but it’s always a nice mental reset to sleep in my own bed (and hang out with my beloved cat, Beau Beau).

To pass the time selling pumpkins, my sister and I did some fun exercises; the videos are included below. The first video is a core exercise, the second is alternating lunges with a twist, the third is another core exercise with Russian twists, the fourth is squats with a shoulder press, the fifth is squats with bicep curls and the last two videos are of my sister and I using the pumpkins as an obstacle course for field hockey dribbling. 


Good Eats Update: Atlantic Beach, NC

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I’m going to share with you some of my highlight meals from my vacation last week in Atlantic Beach, NC. For most of our meals, we ate at our condo, so they weren’t too complicated and we used most of the food in multiple different meals.

 These are two of our meals; and our others consisted of other combinations of the same meats and vegetables but in different variations. The first meal pictured is salad-based; with “Power Greens” (kale, spinach and red and green chards; my new all-time favorite salad mix) topped with feta cheese crumbles, and avocado lime salad dressing from Chick-fil-a and paired with broccoli, asparagus, and fresh tuna and shrimp. On some of the other days we ate other salad-based meals with different sources of protein and vegetables. The second meal pictured is  more asparagus, cucumber, more broccoli, sourdough bread (my absolute favorite) with butter, sauteed mushroom, brown rice (cooked with butter), and two pieces of chicken, one prepared with teriyaki sauce and the piece in the center of the plate was prepared with Old Spice (a Maryland delicacy.) Later in the week, we finished off the other vegetables, chicken and vegetables; and I happily finished off our loaf of sourdough bread through grilled cheese lunches, toast for breakfast and turkey and cheese sandwiches which I packed to bring to the beach and pool.


On one of the nights, the four of us went to a local restaurant that got great reviews online. Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant had both great service and delicious food. We ordered conch puppies and calamari as appetizers; both are displayed in the only picture with two plates. I ordered the “Mixed Seafood Grill” entree which included (according to their website) grilled shrimp, scallops, yellowfin tuna and red bell pepper drizzled with cilantro-lime vinaigrette and served with black beans and jasmine rice. My younger sister ordered fried local flounder, aka fish sticks. This also came with fries as a side, so this naturally made her very happy. Both of my parents ordered the “Fresh Catch of the Day,” I’m don’t exactly remember what type of fish either of them ordered, however both plates came with vegetables and rice.

Six Ways Water Aerobics is Great

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Because the workout room at our condo village is currently under construction, my mom and I took advantage of the free water aerobics class this morning. I absolutely love all water activities, including swimming, aquajogging and resistance exercises. 

Since I’m in relatively good cardio shape right now, I didn’t think the class this morning was too challenging in the cardio sector. However, I really enjoyed al of the resistance exercises, mostly because they differ from the usual resistance exercises completed on land. 

Here’s a few reasons why I love water aerobics in particular:

1. Exercising in the water cools you off on a hot day. 

2. The exercises incorporated into water aerobics routines work to strengthen and tone all of the major muscle groups. Today we worked legs, chest, back, arms and core. 

3.  The difficulty of all of the exercises can be easily modified depending on how fast or slow you complete the individual movements and how deep in the pool you place yourself (the shallower water you stand in, the easier it is to complete the exercises.)

4. It’s also cardio! Just like biking, running, rowing and elliptical-ing.

5. My all-time favorite reason is that exercising in the water has no impact on your body. Ever heard of non-impact cardio? Much like swimming, because they’re both completed under the water’s surface, water aerobics won’t put your body under unwelcoming stress found during running on the ground. 

6. Cross training workouts helps prevent overuse injuries. Similar to reason number four, water aerobics is great for athletes and people who normally compete and exercise on land. 

Unfortunately, because I was in the water during the entirety of the class, I couldn’t take any pictures. If you’re interested in water aerobics, I definitely recommend looking into finding a class near you to try it yourself! 

Simple Four Pose Yoga Flow

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A great place to practice yoga is at the beach; the crashing waves are very calming and the breeze off of the water is great for cooling off sweat. These four poses, in my opinion, can be combined to form a simple and very basic flow pattern. 

The first and final pose to this flow is Downward Dog. To complete this pose, your feet and hands should be on the ground and shoulder width apart, with your back flat and butt in the air. Ideally my heels would be flat on the ground, however my hamstrings are tight from doing too much gymnastics (and front walkovers) these past few days.  It is more important for your back to be flat and your hands reaching out in front of your body than for your legs to be straight and your heels to be flat in the ground. If you want to complete this flow in sync with your breath, exhale as you complete your downward dog pose and relax your diaphragm, as you focus on pushing air out of your lungs. 

The second pose is Plank; which, as it sounds, is exactly a hand plank. Your body should make a flat line, with your hands on the ground beneath your shoulders. To transition into a plank from downward dog, slide your weight forward, placing more weight into your front, above your hands. To avoid straining your neck, keep it in line with the rest of your body. During the plank  pose in your flow, inhale air into your lungs before moving onto the next pose in our flow. 

From plank, the next pose in our flow is to complete a chaturanga, a move similar to a push up. During your chaturanga, exhale the air out of your lungs. Keeping your body in a flat line from the plank, slowly lower yourself closer to the ground while holding your arms and elbows in, close to your body. Looks at the picture below, for a visual description!

After holding your chaturanga for an exhale breath, inhale into Upward Dog. To complete this pose, first flip into the tops of your feet from your toes and arch your back, bringing your head and chest up towards the sky. It is easiest to imagine a string attached to the center of your chest and it is gently pulled upward.  It is difficult to tell in my picture below, but my thighs are raised up off from the ground; only the palms of your hands and the tops of your feet should be touching the ground. 

Finally, exhale back into our first pose of this flow, downward dog. Congratulations! You just completed a yoga flow! You cam now combine this flow with other flows or poses or if you want, just stick to these four poses and hold them for different lengths of breaths. I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll post more yoga poses in the future!