Bring it on, 2017!

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Man, what a time to be alive!! This year (aka for the last month) I’ve paid more attention to myself and put myself first and it’s made my life SO MUCH better. Basically, 2017 is my bitch and I’ve been super proactive about eating right, getting stuff done and working out. This also included lots of buffalo chicken for lunch and dinner, lifting and running again and a lot of broccoli. Weirdly though, I don’t think I’ve combined buffalo chicken and broccoli yet, but I’ve been eating a ton of both. In fact, as I’m typing this I’m eating buffalo chicken right now 🙂

I feel awesome about my classes this semester, Senior Class Gift, and I finally have a real, college-kid social life (peace out, NCAA!) Here’s a quick debrief: I’m in four classes (12 credits), but 3 credits are Abnormal Psychology which I’m taking pass/fail and the other 9 are three introduction business (Global Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Developing Business Intelligence). Rest assured, they all sound way more complicated than they actually are.

Senior Class Gift is also kicking major butt!! We’re at 42% participation which is awesome because the biggest events of the year are yet to come! More updates to come! Next week is another Annual Giving Board meeting and I hope my successes help show that undergraduate giving at my school is on the rise.

I’m going to make the time to blog more this semester and am planning on eating gluten-free and dairy-free, so recipes and pictures will definitely be posted!


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