Month: September 2016

Back to School Update

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The time (I thought would never come) is finally here.

If you would’ve told me what my senior fall looked like I wouldn’t believe you for even a second. I’m NCAA medically-disqualified (too many concussions amongst other things), president for Senior Class Gift, and surprisingly okay with how my life is going right now. Side note: I’m still bitter about living in Williamsburg, or I guess more generally, just Virginia as a state. I completely understand why people can like Virginia, I just need a little less heat, a little less southern food, and a little more seafood (hint: Maryland crabs, Maine lobster and New England clam chowder to name a few.)

I’m writing this super riveting update for three main reasons:

  1. I haven’t blogged in a pretty long time and I honestly miss it.
  2. I have a plan that I’ll discuss a little further down in the post.
  3. I can’t fall asleep and in an attempt to either exhaust myself or at least be productive, here I am.

My upcoming plan:

As a senior in college, I want to explore Virginia for its natural beauty before I move forward in life (and hopefully away from VA). I’ve combined this want with a more highly prioritized want to give myself small things to look forward to every week. This includes a nice walk, hike, bike ride, cooking something special, getting a massage, spending the day outdoors, etc. I’m planning on documenting my adventures through my WordPress and Instagram accounts.

As a back to school update:

I’m enrolled in five really spectacular classes this fall. My final math class to fulfill my minor requirement (Applied Statistics: Data Analysis), two marketing classes for my major requirement (Advertising and Digital Marketing & Customer Insights for Innovation), a general business school major requirement (Legal Environment of Business), and an elective I’m taking pass/fail “for fun” (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems -GIS). Yes, you heard me right; I’m taking a class FOR FUN. Notice how I’ve decided to take it pass/fail. This means as long as I do 60% of the required work, theoretically I’ll still receive that beautiful “P” on my transcript. As always, my marketing classes are really interesting and I’m excited for our projects and to learn the material in both topics, and let’s just say my math class is a typical upper level math class.(Very few white kids, even fewer females.) Lastly, my required legal class already seems challenging and its reaffirming how glad I am to not have chosen to pursue a career in law.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this regularly updated with all of my exciting and fun adventures but until then happy Monday (now that it’s past midnight and I’m still not an ounce more tired than I was when I first began typing this post.) Good for me.