Month: April 2016

Effects of Midterm Week

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I’m currently finding it very difficult to see the good in the things around me these past few days. My (newly acquired) seasonal allergy symptoms are at an all time high, I have two, back-to-back midterm exams tomorrow (literally back-to-back, 12:30-2pm and 2-3:30pm), and I continue to make mental lists of everything I want to accomplish, which continue to overwhelm me. I also made the rookie mistake of drinking a latte this morning. Lattes are comprised of two lethal ingredients, milk and caffeine. The milk obviously doesn’t help with the inflammation of my allergy symptoms, and the caffeine in no way helps with my anxiety symptoms.

Besides regretting my poor decision to drink a medium latte, I am overwhelmed with countless discrete and continuous probability distributions as well as consumer behavior theories, models, and definitions. I’m attempting to efficiently memorize and apply the multiple different probability distributions while simultaneously keeping myself from having a mental breakdown while thinking about everything and anything I could possible overwhelm myself from. (Books I want to read, things I want to do, yoga asanas I want to practice, places I want to run/bike, workouts I want to try, and school material I should probably be studying instead of typing this blog post.)

I need to constantly remind myself to breathe (deeply) and take my time and give full attention to one assignment or task at a time. And to not drink anymore lattes this week.


Brief April Update… More to Come!

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Wow such a long time since my last post! It’s crazy that I love blogging so much, yet I never found the time to return to this passion until April….

Since my last post I have many new changes and will briefly discuss most of them below. Please be patient with all of this; I promise to set aside more me-time to blog more often.

I love my classes again this semester; I’m in Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Data Visualization and Simulation, Operations Management, Six Sigma Toolkit and Applied Statistics. I have a passion for the core of all of these, whether it be a math, business analytics or marketing class. I love my Six Sigma class because my professor is so smart, experienced, and helps guide the shape of my future during office hours. I will end this semester as a certified Yellow Belt (not much, I know, but definitely a step in a positive direction). I also love my Consumer Behavior class; my professor is like a cool mom. She has kids a little younger than us but knows what’s in and not and can hold humorous conversations with the class members during lectures.

I’m training for a half marathon – the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon – on June 4th. I’m excited to complete it with my sister, however training for this has definitely made me realize how much I dislike running. I guess it’s more of a love-hate. I love running, just hate the lonely long distance runs (outside surrounding pollen and struggling to breathe.)

I’m finally beginning to feel more emotionally stable again – HALLELUJAH!! The medicine and therapy is definitely helping and I am choosing to do more activities that boost my mood (like yoga) and less activities that kill my mood. I’m extremely excited to graduate in a year and physically, mentally, and emotionally move on. College has not been the best experience for me, although it was much needed, as all of my struggles have help strengthen and build who I have become today. (ROMANS 8:18 “The pain that you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.”)

I’ve also began the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge! #100happydays In case you have been living under a rock (and not followed my Instagram account – @strongandsmiling) than you would be unaware. I am committing myself to post something that makes me happy everyday for 100 consecutive days in hopes to further improve and stabilize my mood/emotional state. So far, I honestly feel that I have become the slightest bit happier, simply because everyday I am forced to take a picture of and cherish something happy so I am able to post and write about it that day. Today is day 21, so I’m only a fifth of the way done!

My goals for this week are to keep up with my yoga/lifting/running plans, sleep for at least eight hours each night and to smile for one minute every day – even if it’s by myself in my room. I’m hoping these three goals will help improve (or at least maintain) my physical, emotional, and spiritual health.