Good Eats Update: Atlantic Beach, NC

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I’m going to share with you some of my highlight meals from my vacation last week in Atlantic Beach, NC. For most of our meals, we ate at our condo, so they weren’t too complicated and we used most of the food in multiple different meals.

 These are two of our meals; and our others consisted of other combinations of the same meats and vegetables but in different variations. The first meal pictured is salad-based; with “Power Greens” (kale, spinach and red and green chards; my new all-time favorite salad mix) topped with feta cheese crumbles, and avocado lime salad dressing from Chick-fil-a and paired with broccoli, asparagus, and fresh tuna and shrimp. On some of the other days we ate other salad-based meals with different sources of protein and vegetables. The second meal pictured is  more asparagus, cucumber, more broccoli, sourdough bread (my absolute favorite) with butter, sauteed mushroom, brown rice (cooked with butter), and two pieces of chicken, one prepared with teriyaki sauce and the piece in the center of the plate was prepared with Old Spice (a Maryland delicacy.) Later in the week, we finished off the other vegetables, chicken and vegetables; and I happily finished off our loaf of sourdough bread through grilled cheese lunches, toast for breakfast and turkey and cheese sandwiches which I packed to bring to the beach and pool.


On one of the nights, the four of us went to a local restaurant that got great reviews online. Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant had both great service and delicious food. We ordered conch puppies and calamari as appetizers; both are displayed in the only picture with two plates. I ordered the “Mixed Seafood Grill” entree which included (according to their website) grilled shrimp, scallops, yellowfin tuna and red bell pepper drizzled with cilantro-lime vinaigrette and served with black beans and jasmine rice. My younger sister ordered fried local flounder, aka fish sticks. This also came with fries as a side, so this naturally made her very happy. Both of my parents ordered the “Fresh Catch of the Day,” I’m don’t exactly remember what type of fish either of them ordered, however both plates came with vegetables and rice.


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