Six Ways Water Aerobics is Great

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Because the workout room at our condo village is currently under construction, my mom and I took advantage of the free water aerobics class this morning. I absolutely love all water activities, including swimming, aquajogging and resistance exercises. 

Since I’m in relatively good cardio shape right now, I didn’t think the class this morning was too challenging in the cardio sector. However, I really enjoyed al of the resistance exercises, mostly because they differ from the usual resistance exercises completed on land. 

Here’s a few reasons why I love water aerobics in particular:

1. Exercising in the water cools you off on a hot day. 

2. The exercises incorporated into water aerobics routines work to strengthen and tone all of the major muscle groups. Today we worked legs, chest, back, arms and core. 

3.  The difficulty of all of the exercises can be easily modified depending on how fast or slow you complete the individual movements and how deep in the pool you place yourself (the shallower water you stand in, the easier it is to complete the exercises.)

4. It’s also cardio! Just like biking, running, rowing and elliptical-ing.

5. My all-time favorite reason is that exercising in the water has no impact on your body. Ever heard of non-impact cardio? Much like swimming, because they’re both completed under the water’s surface, water aerobics won’t put your body under unwelcoming stress found during running on the ground. 

6. Cross training workouts helps prevent overuse injuries. Similar to reason number four, water aerobics is great for athletes and people who normally compete and exercise on land. 

Unfortunately, because I was in the water during the entirety of the class, I couldn’t take any pictures. If you’re interested in water aerobics, I definitely recommend looking into finding a class near you to try it yourself! 


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