Vacation Round 2

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This morning my mom, Lila and I packed up the car and left to head down to the beach in North Carolina. What we thought would be an easy six hour trip quickly turned into an eight hour trip, and then a lengthy ten hour trip. It wasn’t bad though; we made an out-of-the-way pit stop at my house at school to drop off some IKEA furniture boxes and the Saturday beach traffic lining the East Coast surely didn’t help our cause either. 

All in all, we made it here safely and were even able to go for a walk on the beach, dip our feet into the warm ocean water, and go grocery shopping for the upcoming week. 

I’m especially looking forward to relaxing and laying out on the beach for the next week, before I really need to lock down and prepare for my fall semester and my D1 field hockey preseason. 

Stay tuned for some healthy food posts and beach exercising posts on both my blog and my Instagram account! P.S. If you don’t already, I recommend you follow my Instagram account (@strongandsmiling ) for daily posts about fitness, happiness and being healthy. 😊 Happy Saturday!


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