First Bike Ride to the Pool

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Because my six membered family only owns three cars, more often than not. half of the family is left car-less at any given time. Both of my parents work, and require a car to transport themselves to work every weekday, and one of my sisters teaches at a youth science camp all day everyday, leaving the remaining three sisters, myself included without a car. This week though, one of my sisters is in Scotland with our Church on a pilgrimage and the youngest of the four of us (introduced in yesterday’s post, Lila) is too young to drive, I’m the only one truly suffering from this dilemma. However, it’s not all entirely bad because we all thankfully have a bicycle.

IMG_4881IMG_4879 IMG_4880Lila and I rode a few miles to the country club our family belongs to to enjoy a healthful dose of vitamin D today. It was her first “big” ride; aka the first time she rode on the side of the road and was not constantly protected by the safety of the sidewalk. The ride isn’t too bad and it was even a nice cardio workout vigorously pedaling up and down the hills of the neighborhood which houses the county club. Once we arrived at the pool, we ordered lunch to refuel all of the calories and energy expelled on our journey to the pool. I ordered a crab quesadilla (a delicious Maryland delicacy) because in less than a month I’ll be returning to school in Virginia for preseason and the crab meat offered in Virginia just isn’t the same as fresh Maryland crab meat and Lila ordered a turkey and avocado wrap. IMG_4884

The pool is unfortunately relatively crowded because the weather was prime pool weather, so the only feasible time for me to swim laps was during “Adult Swim”, occurring for fifteen minutes every hour. During Adult Swim, everyone under eighteen years old must get out of the pool, leaving the water’s surface (mostly) flat and all of the swimming lanes vacant. The pool water was extremely refreshing after laying out in the sun for forty-five minutes, and I didn’t even need to worry about avoiding small children playing around in the pool, getting hit by passing tennis balls or by underwater torpedo toys from young kids playing pass.

Overall it was a great day to relax in the sun and catch up on reading Unbroken and fitting in both a solid bike workout and shorter swim workouts!


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