Bike Envy and Today’s Ride

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“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

“If you can achieve something without a struggle, it’s not going to be satisfying.” -Greg LeMondIMG_4455

I couldn’t decide between posting a positive quote and posting about exercising so I’ve mixed them together by adding in these cool quotes about bicycles. Today I took a peaceful bike ride and even wore a helmet for once! Safety first!! I’ve always loved biking because it’s a great workout and you are able to enjoy everything all around. I believe that it’s an underrated activity in the United States. In particular, the Netherlands stands out the most to me, as I was just there over my spring break with my team while we completed our own “Euro Tour” and played many different hockey clubs throughout Holland and Belgium. What I loved the most about the culture over there is how basically EVERYONE rides their bikes to work, school, for leisure and anywhere else they need to be. Our biggest problem is that our level of patience has depleted dramatically in the past few years and people need to get where they are going right away, therefore biking would take way too long and be a waste of time. Another point my mom (a fellow fitness lover) recently pointed out was how crazy it is now in time where people will get in a car and drive to a gym just so they can sit on a stationary bike to get a workout and then drive home again. Think about it; it’s awful!

IMG_2303Back to the inspiring Dutch way of life, their general population was considerably less obese than the average American and although they still have deadlines, curfews, and times to be wherever they are going, they don’t stress about getting there “right now”, keeping biking still in the running for usable transportation. While on our previously mentioned “Euro Tour”, my team and coaching staff was fortunate enough to participate in a guided bike tour of Rotterdam. Although it was very cold and windy, it was incredible to be able to bike the same roads that the locals bike and experience the city from the seat of a bike. One of my roommates this past year was from the Netherlands and came to the US to attend college but rode her bike to class and practice with so effortlessly, beautifully, and graceful. (She can even ride impressively without using her hands!) She put all other bikers to shame with how great she looked while riding her bike. I still envy their lifestyle and abundance of patience and low-stress, along with their (and her) outstanding bicycle skills.

Unlike the breathtaking cities of Europe, my bike ride today consisted of biking a total of five and a half miles through my flat suburban neighborhood to the murky, brown river and back home again. I can’t complain at all though because it was a beautiful day outside and I am very fortunate to be physically able to bike, especially to the little body of water which eventually leads to the magnificent Chesapeake Bay.

IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4408

I encourage you all to bike somewhere outside and take a moment on the seat of your bike to acknowledge and appreciate the beautiful outdoors!


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