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One of my favorite fitness apps is the Nike Training Club; I’ve been a happy user for the past five years! It’s a free app with over 100 premade workouts, instructed by Nike-sponsored athletes, such as new World Cup Champions Ali Krieger, Sydney Leroux, and Carli Lloyd, as well as artist Ellie Goulding, Olympic gold medalists Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas, tennis champions Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, skier Julia Mancuso, and so many more strong and empowering female athletes.


IMG_4426The NTC app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models and can also help track your fitness if you use a NikeFuel band (similar to Fitbits, Up bands, Garmin Vivofits and other activity trackers). The workouts range from six minute workouts to forty-five minute workouts and different between area-specific workouts (arms, legs, core, etc), strength workouts, toning/definition workouts and lean/cardio workouts. Another great feature in the app is the option to build a four week workout plan, which organizes a certain amount of workouts given to be completed within a time frame. For example, the “beginner” program designs a training plan with four to five workouts over a month, the “intermediate” program designates two to three workouts per week for a month, and the “advanced” program averages to three to five workouts per week for a month.


Upon selecting a workout from the list inside of the app, you are shown the recommended equipment to complete that particular workout (think step, dumbbells, kettlebell, medicine ball, yoga mat), the total duration (in time) it takes to complete the workout fully, and the approximate amount of calories burned by completing the workout (as well as the approximate NikeFuel points). From this screen, you are also able to set up background music to listen to while you complete the guided workout, see a list of all of the times and exercises that form the workout and set up AirPlay, if you want to sync your phone to your TV or tablet.

IMG_4425Once you begin a workout, the trainer, or Nike athlete, will talk you through each of the exercises, as well as keep track of time, so you’ll know when to switch to new exercises within the workout. If you need more help understanding how to correctly complete an exercise, there’s a short video of each exercise showing the trainer of your workout completing a few reps. Another awesome feature in the NTC app is that you can connect with your friends to help motivate you to complete your workouts. Also within the NTC app, there is a “Sport Feed” tab or page where you can motivate or get motivated by other NTC users and Nike athletes.

I have added a few screenshots from within the app, so you can better understand what I just explained in this post! Also, there are new workouts added to the app frequently, so you’ll never become bored with the existing exercises, workouts or “trainers”/Nike athletes. The app doesn’t take up a lot of room, storage or data on my iPhone or my sister’s iPad, and you can download workouts on wifi before you go to the gym or outside and you’ll be good to go! Every workout you complete, you earn points, the longer the workout that you complete, the more points you earn for completing it, and the points help earn “Minute Milestones”. For example, after you complete a cumulative sixty minutes in NTC workouts, you can earn your very first milestone! If you’re big into sharing things via social media, you are also able to easily share your milestones on your “Sport Feed” with your NTC friends.

I hope you will be willing to download the NTC app and check it out for yourselves! 🙂


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