Northeastern R&R Vac-cay

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I’ve spent the last week kicking back and relaxing in the Northeast after diligently working my butt off to earn an ‘A’ in my summer school class. I’ll split my vacation into two parts in this post; my trip to Rhode Island to see one of my old teammates and close friends/mentors for a quick (but super fun and activity-packed) 23 hour visit, and my awesome and (much needed) relaxing stay with my family in Cape Cod.


For such a little state, there is so many great things to see and do, and I definitely plan on returning back again soon. I arrived at the airport in Providence on a small thirty-six person plane and was happily met my friend. During my quick visit, I was able to meet and hang out with a few of her friends, go to the beach (and get VERY sunburnt – which turned into a great tan) and eat my first Del’s lemonade, my first New England Clam Chowder actually from New England, and my first and very delicious clam cake. Below are some pictures from my trip and from there my Dad and uncle drove me east over to Cape Cod, where my vacation continued.

IMG_4190      IMG_4217  IMG_4232      IMG_4231IMG_4208


I stayed in Cape Cod with my family and my aunt, uncle and three cousins; it was fun to hang out with my cousins on the beach and be reunited with my immediate family. We went to the warm-watered beaches on the bay for most of the days, however we visited the cold-watered ocean beaches once and to the infamous P-town (Provincetown) another day. Below are some pictures taken during my time at the Cape.

IMG_4358       IMG_4300

Above is me lounging in a hammock at the Hammock Store in P-town and the surfboard at the Beachcomber Beach.

IMG_4337      IMG_4343

Above is the sunset at the bay-side beach near my cousins’ house, as well me enjoying my sunset yoga on the beach.

IMG_4385      IMG_4392 IMG_4387     IMG_4386IMG_4391

In the pictures above, my sister and I were doing different fitness-related activities to entertain ourselves on the beach.


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