Canaan Smith and Cape Cod

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IMG_4158On Monday night, country artist Canaan Smith came to my school and gave a free concert to anyone wanting to attend. Although it was a Monday night in Williamsburg, VA, there was a very impressive turnout. I was very excited about seeing my friends at the concert and being able to kick back, relax and enjoy some nice country music outside. One of my IMG_4134roommates came down for the day and night and we enjoyed some always delicious Cheese Shop on DOG Street in CW before walking over to the campus amphitheater on Lake Mataoka. It was a beautiful night and we all had so much fun! We learned later on in the night that Canaan was originally from Williamsburg, so this concert was like a little homecoming for him and his hometown fans. Even though we all only knew one song (“Love You Like That”) we still happily jammed out the entire time and enjoyed great company and awesome weather. Also p.s., Canaan’s newest album, “Bronco” – dedicated to his brother, was just released yesterday!

(In the pictures, I’m wearing the high-necked, black tank top with the long necklaces and fun, new, Reef sneakers)

IMG_4137 I can also now officially write that I will fortunately be able to join the rest of the Slattery fam at our cousins’ new Cape house next week! I have worked extremely diligently these past four weeks during my summer semester and will be able to be exempt from taking the final exam. Because I won’t need to be in class for the final exam nor the review day, I’m able to depart Williamsburg this Monday and get shipped up to relax for a week in New England with my sisters, cousins, parents and aunt and uncle. It’s going to be so enjoyable to be able to finally relax and not worry about anything! Until then, I have to pack, study for my fourth and final unit exam on Monday morning and see all of my friends one final time before returning back to Maryland for the remainder of the summer.

Stay tuned for some final Williamsburg posts and upcoming New England posts! 🙂


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