More Healthy Eating and Camp Update

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First off: I’m extremely sorry for not posting since last Thursday!!! I was unexpectedly, constantly busy during camp this past weekend and have had laptop problems on top of that. Anyone that is good with techie stuff: I have a Dell Inspiron and anytime I plug it in, my laptop says “plugged in, not charging” I haven’t done much research on it, but I’m sure other people have also experienced similar problems.

So the correct chronological order of events described in this post: 1) Prepared and consumed delicious and healthy food with my friend 2) Made beer bread which I took to camp to share with my friends, 3) Worked at camp on Friday through Sunday.

1) Beans and Greens

It is exactly what it sounds like; beans and greens (along with bread, goat cheese, garlic and tomatoes), but nonetheless, it is still absolutely delicious. What to buy at the store: french bread, goat cheese, a bulb of garlic, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of beans and a bag of spinach. Depending on where you shop, you can get all of this for under ten dollars and make three or four meals out of all of it. Definitely a GREAT bang for your buck. Along with being cost-effective, it takes under ten minutes to prepare! Here’s what you have to do…

Cut up a clove of garlic into small pieces and put in a frying pan with olive oil. Put the pan on heat and once the pan is hot, add the can of beans, the can of diced tomatoes and continue to stir. Meanwhile, put the french bread slices in the oven on broil until the bread begins to look toasted. As the bread is heating up, add the spinach to the beans and tomatoes and put a cover on everything to let the spinach steam. It should all finish around the same time. To eat, shmear the goat cheese on the slices of bread and spoon the “beans and greens” mixture onto the bread and eat like bruschetta. It’s a great source of carbohydrate (bread, spinach), protein (beans), vegetables (spinach and tomatoes), and dairy (goat cheese).

IMG_4090 IMG_4087 IMG_4096

2) Beer Bread

I made a loaf of beer bread to both satisfy my craving for bread and to also save as a snack to share with my teammates during our downtime at camp. There’s more complicated ways to bake beer bread, however I opted to use a Tastefully Simple mix and added beer (you could also choose to add a soda if you wanted to too). It turned out delicious and was a big hit for both my bread-loving self and all of my hungry friends in between coaching sessions throughout our days over the weekend!

IMG_4084 IMG_4085

3) Field Hockey Camp

For those of you who have never participated in a summer sports camp, in an extremely brief summary, it is A LOT of activity jam-packed into two to four very long days. From Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, it was non-stop field hockey, but don’t get me wrong, it was completely fun! I got to coach middle schoolers and high school field hockey players, and I love coaching, and hang out with my college teammates, and of course play field hockey! The days begin around 6:30am and end around 11pm everyday so my ability to blog was compromised by my want for more sleep. There’s not much else I really need to explain, other than it was so great to hang out with my teammates and be able to share my love of field hockey with high schoolers while also sneaking into a few of the drills with them.


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