Easy Smoothies in 5 Simple Steps

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It all started when I babysat for a family last summer who had one. These are literally life-changing if you like smoothies. I love experimenting when making smoothies and better yet, drinking them after I’m done. 🙂 There are many different brands, but the idea is all the same. And it’s revolutionary.

They’re called hand blenders. For someone who would be forced to make a humongous batch of smoothie every time I was in the mood for countless years and was then responsible for cleaning out the entire blender and lid, I started to slowly dislike smoothies a little more every time I was forced to make awkwardly too much smoothie and then clean out the large, audacious blender. It’s one of those things where you wished you had thought of something like this before yet simultaneously you’re incredibly thankful that they even exist in the first place.


Basically, as you can see in the picture, hand blenders are constructed from two parts; the bottom half is mostly metal and houses the blades, hidden inside slash under the rounded bottom part, and the top half is where you hold in your hand and control the speed of the blades. I own the Cuisinart model (shown here); and mine has two speeds, high and low, something I can easily change depending on what I need to blend. The bottom half detaches so when you’re done preparing your deliciously healthy smoothie, the only mess you have to clean up is the cup you drank your smoothie from and the shiny bottom half of the handheld blender. WOW, only two things to clean up??! It’s a dream come true!

To me, the coolest part is that you actually make the smoothie in the same cup you want to drink from to further eliminate any unnecessary mess.

Making a Smoothie in 5 Simple Steps:

1. Pick out what cup you want to drink your smoothies from. Pro tip: I love using my Tervis Tumbler cups because they come in awesomely fun designs and keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. (I’ll post more about Tervis Tumblers in the future.) *NOTE: check out how great my little Tervis Goldfish cup is in the pictures below!!*

2. Put all of the smoothie ingredients directly into the cup you chose during the first step. For some ideas, I like using frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries) so you don’t have to put in ice and water down your smoothie. I also put in regular-temperature fruit, sometimes yogurt, almonds, peanut butter, spinach, broccoli, and natural fruit juices (think orange juice, pineapple juice, or coconut water).


In this particular smoothie from a just this morning, I blended together frozen blueberries, pineapple, natural orange juice (no added sugars), spinach and raspberries.

PRO TIP: For those of you who are hesitant at the thought of drinking vegetables, or mixing them with your delicious fruit in homemade smoothies, if you mix them with an acidic fruit, the two flavors will cancel out, and you won’t be able to taste the spinach distinctly. (Disclaimer: if you add A LOT of vegetables or greens and the smoothie now tastes like you did, even if you mixed in a little bit of orange, lemon, or lime juice, please use your common sense and realize that you created an imbalance of the flavors, giving you a more vegetable-y taste (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!!) If you’re still not sold on the whole putting vegetables in my fruit smoothie idea, I suggest you just start with a few pieces of spinach, broccoli or any other vegetable of your choice until you realize how much you actually don’t even taste it. Then you can keep adding more until you’re happy!

3. Plug the hand blender into an electric outlet in the wall.

4. Put the shiny, metal end of the hand blender into the smoothie cup with all of the ingredients and turn it on, while still holding on to the exterior of the cup. If you have anything frozen, either fruit or ice, the blender works better on higher speeds, otherwise a low speed will work just fine.

5: When the ingredients are all blended to perfection, disconnect the bottom half of the hand blender and quickly and effortlessly clean it off and enjoy your healthy and delicious smoothie with hardly any mess!


Since excitedly purchasing my hand blender, I’ve made significantly more smoothies. Even if you’re not a huge smoothie person, either this magnificent product will change your mind, or you can also use it similar to a blender (without the painfully large mess to clean up afterwards).

Also, please note, this blended picture is the result of mixing the ingredients listed after step 2 earlier in this post. The gross, sewage looking color is from mixing the greens with the orange from the orange juice, the yellow from the pineapple, the blue from the blueberries, and the red from the red raspberries,. You should also expect a brownish colored smoothies if you make one with almonds, peanut butter or any other green-colored vegetables.

As you happily drink your smoothie you can smile and think about the big blender that you DON’T have to clean because you’re smart and bought a hand blender!

Summer is the perfect time to try new smoothie combinations and cool off by staying healthy and hydrated. Be sure to leave a comment with any of your favorite smoothie ingredients or combinations!


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