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Just like how I failed to talk more in-depth about field hockey until yesterday’s post, it dawned on me earlier today that I haven’t really mentioned another aspect of my life. Yep, you most likely read the title to this post first and know exactly where this is headed. And if you didn’t read the title before starting to read the blog post, I know for a fact that you just skipped back, up to the top of the post to read the title and now for certain know where this post is headed.

I’m originally from Maryland, near Baltimore and Annapolis and grew up surrounded by Under Armour products. Being a Maryland-founded company, their gear and product was every uniform for every sports team I participated in, I always had Under Armour shorts and shirts and sweatshirts to wear to my practices, to school and just hanging out around the house too. I wasn’t the only one wearing mostly Under Armour, I’m talking about maybe 80% of kids from around my area in Maryland owned more Under Armour clothes, headbands and backpacks than any other athletic brand (Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, etc).

My love for the company has only grown in the past two years. I’m obsessed with their over-arching theme for innovation; Under Armour is constantly gathering feedback and collecting data/completing analyses on their products to figure out how to make their gear even better for the athletes (and regular humans) who wear it. Because Under Armour is stationed so geographically close to my house and I had a burning passion for their company, I applied to work as a Sales Associate at THE original Under Armour store. (Our store code is literally 101 – we were where it all began…. kind of) I’ve been an enthusiastic and proud teammate since then.

I don’t want to bore you all too much by basically proclaiming my interest in the company as a whole and where I see it moving to in the future or on why I believe Under Armour is better than any other athletic clothing brand in so many different categories, but just as a quick statement, if you go back through a lot of my pictures, both on my blog and from my instagram, you’ll notice that the majority of the time I’m happily sporting my awesome UA gear!

On a related note pertaining to my love for this Maryland-raised company and what spurred my idea for this post tonight was because I stopped by the Premium Outlets earlier tonight to check out if the Factory House at these outlets housed any product different from what my store was selling when I left to come back down here for class. And naturally I can’t just walk into an Under Armour and not purchase anything (or befriend the working Sales Associates and Managers), I bought (treated myself to) a few new pieces of workout gear. Were my purchases completely necessary? No. But is retail therapy a real thing? Yes. And what’s a better store to spend money in than the one you love and work for, and as a plus sells athletic clothes when you just so happen to be an athlete? Lastly, can a girl every have too much workout clothes? The answer is most likely yes, however for my sake and mental well-being right now, I’m making the answer “No.” 🙂

Here are a few pictures of my newly-purchased gear!

For other hard-core and die-hard UA fans out there (or those of you who are just curious), here’s the names of the product so if you like something you can look it up and get some of your own! And maybe even fall in love with UA gear and also passionately spread the word on how great Under Armour is!

IMG_3856 FullSizeRender - Copy


Gray and Black: StudioLux Perfect Capri

Black and Pink: Shatter Capri

Gray and Yellow: Heatgear Alpha Capri


Orange: Velocity Tee

Magenta: Transit Long Sleeve

Sports Bra: Heatgear Armour Mid-Impact

Underwear: it’s one size fits all, but super comfy and there’s actually no panty-lines!



    Primus Reviews- Games and Gains said:
    June 10, 2015 at 10:43 am

    The hat and the compression shorts form Under Armour are always great!


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