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Hi all!!

So, unless you know me personally or you previously read my bio page, you probably would’ve never guessed that I play field hockey for my college at the NCAA Division 1 level. Fun fact: it’s true!! If anyone out here reading this is looking at/hoping to also play at the collegiate level, let me know (or comment below this post) and I can give you some more in-depth knowledge on how I got where I am today.

Surprisingly, I’ve been able to construct over a week’s worth of blogs and instagrams without a single post about the sport that I have “signed my life over to”. Don’t worry; I didn’t actually sign away my life. I’ve always been active and part of a team (lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, track, golf – yes in middle school I was on my country club’s golf team, etc) and to this day I don’t regret my choice of continuing to play for my school at the collegiate level. As you’ll hear from any college athlete, YES, it is very demanding, I had my fair share of days wondering what my life would be life if I had just gone to school as a normal student, and time consuming, making time management and prioritization so essential in order to perform well on the field, in the classroom and still squeeze in eating, sleeping and having a social life outside of athletics.

I don’t want to drag on too much about my athletic choices, but I just wanted to “officially” introduce the sport which I dedicate roughly 30 hours per week (between practices, games, lifting sessions, conditioning practices, training room appointments, team meetings, individual meetings and traveling, you can see how easily it is to reach that many hours every week!

Just for fun here are some throwback pictures of me from high school and also some newer pictures from college. If you have any questions at all or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to comment below! Murphy-SPHS-Fockey-4_0sphsfh

Above are both pictures from my high school – note the twiggy, thin arms, and even legs too!

IMG_3752 IMG_3838

Above are two pictures taken during my college career thus far. Be on the look-out this fall for even more action shots! Also, note the not-so-twiggy arms!


if you want new and exciting footage of me practicing earlier today, please check out my Instagram post from this afternoon! If you don’t have an Instagram, don’t worry! Just find the video on the vertical bar on the right-hand side of the screen.


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