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I apologize that you don’t get some super lengthy and detailed post about what I was up to today (in brief: studying and working out, more on the specifics later this week!) because I’m doing some last-minute reviewing for my first exam/test/quiz for my summer school class about Human Biology. If you weren’t already aware of my studying today, I think you should check out my instagram and maybe even give me a follow! I post everyday what I’m up to – usually working out, eating healthy or getting motivated by awesome quotes, such as the one that started off tonight’s post. I’m @strongandsmiling –

I wanted to share this picture because it not only applies to working out, it also applies to eating healthy, building relationships, and getting tasks done. Think about it. You can’t have a killer body, strong heart and ripped muscles (or any other variations due to exercising and working out) by just going to the gym once, or even just a handful of times and thinking that will help you reach your goal. Trust me on this one, it just won’t. To get strong, fast or in your ideal shape, you have to constantly work towards it. And once your reach your goal, you also can’t just stop working towards it because guess what? I can tell you what will happen; you’ll end up back at square 1.

This same simple picture also applies to eating healthy; if you eat clean or healthy or however you want to call it for a meal, or maybe a day, or maybe even a week, it doesn’t mean that you will suddenly lose weight or look more toned. It takes time; but also during this time you can’t sit around and wait to reach your goals, you have to consistently eat healthy in order to fully and effectively reach your goals.

I’m not going to keep repeating myself for the other points because hopefully by now you all can see the big picture and understand the recurring theme. To reach your goals (being healthy/working out, eating clean, building strong relationships, completing a difficult or lengthy task, etc) you must consistently work hard. Did you catch all of that? You must be (1) consistent, meaning if you really want to achieve your goal you must work towards it everyday or almost everyday and (2) you must work hard. This means no half-assing. As the brilliant Ron Swanson once said, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” I believe this applies to this situation very well.

Lastly, it’s important to not burn yourself out by remembering to have fun, and always “sharpen the saw” when it’s necessary. P.S. if you’re currently asking yourself what this girl means when she wants us to sharpen a saw, I suggest you scroll down a little and read my previous posts. 🙂

Happy Sunday and see you all tomorrow!


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