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As soon as my internet returns to working properly, I can post on a more regular schedule, but for the mean time I’m playing catch-up for the past few days that I wasn’t able to. So a few things since my slacklining experience (see previous post): I rode the morning Amtrak train back down to school, moved rooms in my off-campus house, and attended my first ever summer school class.

On the Amtrak back:

This event was deserving of its own paragraph – and you will soon figure out why. Every time I’ve ever ridden on the Amtrak train either down to school or back up to home, it has not once arrived to the station on the scheduled departure time and only a few times have made it to my destination relatively close to the time I was scheduled to arrive. So naturally, when the train was scheduled to leave the station at 6:06am, I told my mom it was okay to drop me off around 6:06 to avoid waiting an unnecessary amount of time at the station when I could be getting some precious beauty sleep. Well, for the first time in all of my train-riding experience the train actually left at the scheduled time. Luckily, I arrived at the station at 6:03, giving me three entire minutes to run (with my completely stuffed backpack and wheelie duffel bag over the overpass of the tracks and back down a flight of stairs to the platform, barely making it onto the train before the train’s doors shut closed and continued with its journey South. Below is a picture of the tracks from my train seat either somewhere in Maryland or Virginia.


On my sunrise run through downtown Williamsburg:

As you might have seen from my Instagram post, I went on a run before my first summer class. My school is in Williamsburg, VA, so I have the beautiful and historical downtown Colonial Williamsburg just blocks from my off-campus house. I chose to run through CW (Colonial Williamsburg) on my first run back to school and below are a few snapshots I took while admiring the peaceful and relaxing town early in the morning before all of the Colonials and tourists occupy the streets and tiny, historic shops. The picture on the left is the Governor’s Palace and its walls and lawn and the picture on the right is the rising sun peeking through the trees behind a shop on DOG (Duke of Gloucester) Street.



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