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I’m apologizing now for my lack of blog posting these past few days – my roommate didn’t realize she had to activate our internet before she came later in the summer for her summer school. I’m currently next door at my friend’s house free-riding off of her’s. ANYWAYS….. SLACKLINING! If you’ve never heard of it, I’m warning you now if you watch any videos of people on YouTube, they make it seem much easier than it actually is. And for those of you who still are perplexed at what I’m talking about, a slackline is a 2-inch wide webbing, tied between (usually) two trees and the idea is to do yoga (slackline yoga), cool tricks and dismounts off of the slackline.

I first saw slacklining in the form of Slackline Yoga on Instagram ( and because I always love a good challenge, I convinced my mom to buy one for our family. It arrived in the mail a day before I returned back to school for my summer session and so I was able to fit in a couple of hours of practice before I was shipped off. Note: although my pictures show me just standing/walking and sitting, please try slacklining for yourself before you criticize how little I was able to accomplish.

IMG_3621 IMG_3620 IMG_3619

When I return home to Maryland in July, be on the lookout for more slacklining adventures and advancements after I get more practice and improve my ankle stability and overall balance. If you have any slacklining tips or easy tricks for beginners, please let me know; I’m always up for trying anything involving a new challenge!


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