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There are many new and exciting races that many of you have probably heard about (or maybe even completed!); these include The Color Run (, The Warrior Dash (, The Spartan Race (, The Tough Mudder (, The Zombie Run ( and the list goes on… If you haven’t heard of obstacle racing or any of these races until now, GO CLICK THE LINKS AND CHECK THEM OUT! Or even if you have, you can still check them out! Now maybe you’re wondering: why is this this girl getting so excited about all of this??

I was lucky enough to run the Warrior Dash recently and I highly recommend it to anyone up for a physical challenge and a fun time. In particular, the Warrior Dash is a little over 3 miles (depending on the location) with a dozen or so obstacles. If you are relatively athletic, you shouldn’t need to “train” to complete the race, although apparently it will make you less sore if you prepare for it in the weeks preceding it. Because it was four days after I came home from finals, I had’t specifically “trained” for it, but being a student-athlete and a relatively fit and strong person, I was able to complete it without any problems (physically) and wasn’t even sore the next day. Note: if you don’t want to participate in any of the obstacles, you are able to “opt out” and skip them to continue on with the running (or walking) you were doing before the obstacle. In my opinion though, the obstacles are fun and a part of the whole experience, so if you do complete one of these races in the future, I recommend you at least try all of the obstacles.

When you complete a Warrior Dash, free pictures are taken of the racers on the different obstacles and later posted on a website for sharing and viewing purposes. Some of the pictures of me are posted below!



Note how white and clean all of our shirts and skin look! When you pick up your registration packet, you get your number, a furry, red viking hat and a grey t-shirt with a cool Warrior Dash design. I completed the dash with my neighbors and in this picture I’m on the far left.

race_721_photo_18243529 race_721_photo_17907552 race_721_photo_17907573


“High Tension” was the ninth obstacle in my Warrior Dash and required racers to swing across a pool of water by holding on to a cargo net. As you can tell from the pictures, I’ve already plunged in mud, so getting rinsed off by the water, even if it was aggressively spraying me, felt a little cleansing.

race_721_photo_17888025 race_721_photo_17892888


“Goliath” was the second to last obstacle in my race and YAY for fresh (and somewhat clean) water again! This obstacle required racers to climb up a wooden wall, across a wooden plank, while water is splashed up on/at you and then you are rewarded by sliding down a long slide into a big pit of water contained within a large tarp. After getting rinsed off during multiple stages of “Goliath” I began to wonder why all of the previous race finishers were covered head to toe in mud. I soon found out why……



The end to my first Warrior Dash! After I crossed the finish line, I was handed a finishing medal, which triples as a fridge magnet AND a bottle opener. At this point, there was mud in every bodily crevice I did and did not know existed. No photos were taken of me personally during this last obstacle, but if you want to get the picture of how a person can go from rinsed off and clean to head-to-toe muddied:



After getting my 3-in-1 medal, I was able to enjoy a nice rinse-off in the pop-up showers (while keeping my clothes on) and then headed over to the festivities. There was live music, beer for all racers over 21, a playground (where we took the picture below) and chicken legs and burgers.


I definitely would recommend The Warrior Dash for anyone who loves a challenge and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty (literally). It is a great atmosphere of participants and a good workout (and event to train for).


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