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You are currently finding me writing this post at the conclusion of my sophomore year in college. I always heard my older friends describe their second year as a “slump” and couldn’t quite understand the true meaning behind the “sophomore slump” until experiencing it these past eight months. As a quick recap of my past year at school I had an exhausting (and as it seemed a never-ending) concussion in September – which took me out for the remainder of my hockey season and left me with lingering symptoms until late January, and in the fall my concussed self thought it would be a bright idea to take two math classes, a computer science class and a physics class. Needless to say, my spring semester was academically unfavorable. Then to top off my demanding course load this past spring semester, my legs were just flat-out overworked during our spring season, causing my compartment syndrome to flare up. The painful swelling only lengthened my list of reasons to join the bandwagon to refer to my sophomore year as the notorious “sophomore slump”.

I could complain all I wanted to, but that wouldn’t get me anywhere and it certainly wouldn’t boost my overall level of happiness. Although I still bitterly look back at these past eight months by identifying them as my infamous Slump, I am incredibly thankful for all of my challenges and struggles because (as cliche as this is going to sound) it has made me that much stronger. I won’t go into much detail right now, but keeping a positive attitude will truly go a long way. When I was still having post-concussion syndrome headaches several months after the initial blow to my head, I would go to bed every night praying to wake up the next morning headache-free. When I’d relentlessly wake up to the ceaseless headache I began to wonder if they would ever go away. WELL THEY DID! Regardless of how hard it was to maintain my happiness and positive attitude this past fall, I persevered and I am now able to happily wake up every morning 100% headache-free!

Recap of the first post:

1) The sophomore slump is not fictional; I have lived to experience it firsthand this past year

2) There are always benefits to the negative things in life – you just have to look a little deeper for it

3)  ALWAYS KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. It will carry you far in everything you do (I promise)


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